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Actor, Producer, Marketer

I'm an actress who — despite my roots as a die-hard Packer-backing Wisconsin girl — loves living the actor life along the shores of Chicago's lakefront.


Before Chicago, I lived in Sydney, Australia, where I had the pleasure of performing in television, national ads, plays, and award-winning short films. ​I'm a passionate dog mom to my little Aussie pup Bella, a half-pug who has her own Instagram account who made the trek across the Pacific Ocean to live the city life with her little pug sister Sukie. ​


When not on screen or stage, you'll find me busy producing — to date, my shorts have earned over 40 laurels, with 8 Best Acting awards — or geeking out as I put my Masters in Marketing to use, deploying marketing tactics that generate results (#SEOnerd) with metrics you can measure. 


Despite my extra-curriculars leading to six concussions and three ER visits, I'm happy to do my own stunts at any time — just don't tell my Dad; he'll try to make me wear a helmet. 


​Looking for an actress in the Windy City, Wisconsin, Australia, L.A., or anywhere else your filmmaking journey has taken you? Send me a message - I'd love to learn more! 


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  • Upside Brown (Episodes 2, 4, 5 & 8) - Courtney (Supporting - Yashul Productions 

  • Deadly Women - Melinda Raisch (Lead) - Beyond Productions, Investigation Discovery

  • Work Zones - Elizabeth (Supporting) - Herman Brothers Productions  

FILM (Selected)​​

  • Burger Snap - Amanda (Lead) - ShunPFilms

  • Lurker - Chelsea (Lead) - Sparrow Media Co.

  • Table Two - Lindsay (Lead) - Left Lane Productions

  • Dead Man's Drink - Gretta Van Tendril (Lead) - Liminal Vision Films 

  • What's So Scary - Amy (Support) - Dead Clown Productions 

  • Cheesecake & Rainbow Tights - Cassie (Lead) - Redacted Media

  • Pole Climb - Elizabeth (Lead) - Redacted Media, T.C. De Witt

  • The Perfectionist - Saira & Lady Bum (Lead) - Savanna Wrobel

  • Groped - Erin (Lead) - Redacted Media, Gita Kapila

  • Trouble in the Quad - Trudy Fenderson (Support) - Van Bishop Productions 

  • Seven Thirteen  - Alexa (Lead) - Lost in Post  

  • Trapdoor - Annie (Lead) Bloodhound Films

  • Le Matinal  - Margaret (Support) - International Film School Sydney 

  • Wii Girl -  Wii Girl (Lead) - Embassy Pictures


THEATRE (Selected)

  • Lesbian Shorts (Zoom reading) - Various - Pride Arts Center

  • Loose Knit - Margie - Public House Theatre 

  • Vagina Monologues - Various - Public House Theatre 

  • Come Blow Your Horn - Peggy - James Downing Theatre

  • El Stories - Various - Waltzing Mechanics

  • Witches of Eastwick - Sukie -  Fred’s House Productions (Australia)

  • The Underpants - Louise - Dramac (Australia)

  • ††On the Shelf - Cauliflower - Short + Sweet Sydney (Australia)

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Hippolyta - Dramac (Australia)

  • Oz on the Rox - Glinda - Lips & Hips Cabaret (Australia)


DDB Asia-Pacific; Commercial credits and footage available upon request 

*Finalist, Short + Sweet Sydney Play Festival


TRAINING (Selected)

  • The Forge: Audition Intensive (Sarah Cayce, CSA)  

  • Vagabond School of the Arts: Auditioning for TV, Film & Theatre (Becca McCracken), Commercial Audition Workshop (Jess Lyons), On-Camera Level 1 & 2 (Robyn Coffin & Maura Kidwell), Two-Cam Jam (Michael McCracken), Odd Comedy On Camera (Stephanie Potakis), The Director Sessions (Ann Filmer, Marti Lyons, Scott Weinstein), The Centered Actor (Erica Sartini-Combs, Evie Gaynor)

  • Acting Studio Chicago:  Auditioning for Theatre (Adam Belcuore),  Voice Over Level 1 (Norm Boucher)

  • Remy Bumppo: Scene Study Masterclass x 3 (Marti Lyons, Erica Weiss, Nick Sandys, Jessica Thebus, Nick Bowling, Michael Halberstam), Shavian Scene Study (Nick Sandys, James Bohnen), Shake Up Your Shakespeare I & II (Nick Sandys), Crashing the Audition Process (Linda Gillum)

  • Second City: Improv for Actors 1 & 2 (Scott Goldstein), Improv Immersion (Tim Soszko) 

  • Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia: Scene Study Masterclass x 6 (Howard Fine), Alexander Technique (Jean-Louie Rodrigue), Speech and Singing for Actors (David Courie), The Art of the Close-Up (Marilyn McIntyre), Audition for Film and TV (Howard Fine)

  • The Australian Film and Television Academy: National Actor's On Camera Intensive x 3 (Dave Newman, Tom McSweeney, Bill Hughes, Tony Bonner, Greg Apps, Alison Telford, and additional directors/casting directors)

  • Screenwise Sydney: Eric Morris Masterclass (Sam Atwell)

  • Actors Pulse Australia: Meisner Technique (Billy Milionis) 

SKILLS (Selected)

Pole Dancing (Highly skilled), Marketing, Jet-Skiing (Highly skilled), Cheerleading, Rollerblading, Golf, Table Tennis, Fishing, Paddle-Boarding, Outdoor Adventure Sports such as Rappelling and Canyoning, Yoga, Jewelry-Making, Painting, Marketing, Photography, Running in Heels  


CHEESECAKE & RAINBOW TIGHTS - Actor (Cassie, Lead), Co-Writer, and Producer. 

Selected laurels include:

  • Winner - Best Short Length Fiction Film, Chicago International Indie Film Festival

  • Winner - Best Actress, Paradise Film Festival 

  • Winner - Best Actress / Best Director, Chicago Cinema Awards 

  • Winner - World Cinema Awards, Best Acting Duo

  • Semi-Finalist - Best Comedy Short, Kings Cross Film Awards

  • Selected - Best Live Action Short Film, Metropolis Film Festival

  • Nominee - Best Actress, Best Editor, Best Original Music, Indie Motion Film Awards

POLE CLIMB - Actor (Elizabeth, Lead), Co-Writer, and Producer. 

Selected laurels include: 

  • Winner - Aladerri Film Festival, Best Comedy Short 

  • Winner - Best Actress Comedy Short, Freewheeling Film Awards

  • Winner - Best Actress, Crown Wood International Film Festival

  • Winner - Best Comedy Short Film, Anatolia International Film Festival 

  • Nominee - Beloit International Film Festival

  • Selected - Women's Comedy Film Festival Chicago

SEVEN THIRTEEN - Actor (Alexis, Lead) and Producer.

  • Finalist - Chicago 48 Hour Film Competition

  • Winner - Best Use of Required Line, Chicago 48 Hour Film Competition

Le MATINAL - Actor (Margaret, Support)

  • Nominee - Best Supporting Actress, Short Film, Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

LOVER'S COAT - Actor (Vicky, Lead)

  • Winner - L.A. Shorts, November 2016  


Check out my adventures with my pups at @ausmericangirl!


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